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Christoffer Moe


Christoffer is a manager at Oaklins Beierholm in Denmark. He supports senior advisors in various tasks related to industry analysis, financial modeling and the preparation of sales materials. Notable deals he has worked on include the sales of Sjørring Maskinfabrik to Terratech Group, Helios to Total Specific Solutions, Fremco to Storskogen and OKNygaard to Idverde.

Christoffer joined Oaklins in 2017. He has a bachelor’s degree in economics and business administration and a master’s in applied economics and finance from Copenhagen Business School.

 Christoffer Moe
Copenhagen, Denmark


Work phone
+45 60 84 26 21

Industrial Machinery & Components | Private Equity

Sjørring Maskinfabrik has been sold to Terratech Group

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Helios Auto has been acquired by Total Specific Solutions

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Industrial Machinery & Components

Fremco has been acquired by Storskogen Group

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