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TTTech Computertechnik AG has completed a company valuation process

TTTech Computertechnik AG has completed a valuation process for information requirements from its shareholders.

TTTech is the technology leader in robust networked safety controls. Its solutions and best-in-class products improve the safety and reliability of networked computer systems and are used in various industries such as the automotive, aerospace, off-highway, energy production, railway and industrial. One of the core competencies of TTTech is the offering of a variety of products and solutions for the automotive sector through different companies and divisions which are to be bundled in TTX Auto Technologies AG.

Oaklins' team in Austria acted as financial advisor to TTTech Computertechnik AG on the valuation process of its automotive business unit and the whole group excluding Automotive GmbH. It was necessary to execute a sum of the parts DCF valuation where 4 parts of the group were valued (with their own peer groups and WACC parameters). One part corresponded to the automotive business and the other three parts summed up to TTTech Group excluding Automotive GmbH.

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