Photo of Klaus Requat 

Klaus Requat


Oaklins Austria

Location: Vienna, Austria
Work phone: +43 1 8903032


Klaus is a Partner at Oaklins Austria with more than 30 years' senior experience in investment banking and asset management.

Prior to joining the firm, Klaus was Head of Investment Banking Emerging Europe and Head of Investment at Unicredit/Banking Austria. Before that, he was Chairman of the Board at ALMC hf, Reykjavik, where he initiated and oversaw a US$2 billion bank restructuring process. He also spent two years as CEO of DPI SA, the sole owner of Duktus GmbH, Wetzlar, Europe’s second largest producer of ductile iron watermain pipes. Previous to that, he was the tactical advisor to a group of international investors in HETA, Austria, representing their interests in Europe’s largest bank restructuring process to date. Klaus has served or still serves on various non-executive boards, such as Graboplast Rt, Györ, from 1990–2015 and Von Roll Hydro, Zürich, since 2016. He has a PhD in Law from Salzburg University and an MA in International Affairs from the American University, Washington D.C.