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Private shareholders have sold a minority stake in FLP to EcoEnterprises Fund

The private shareholders of FLP have sold a stake in the firm to EcoEnterprises Fund. The company also received a US$5 million equity investment.

FLP is a Latin American exotic fruit distributor and processing company based in Bogotá, Colombia. The company and its predecessors have been distributing fresh, certified quality fruits to local and international clients for over 30 years, and processed fruits for the last four years. FLP operates in four plants located in Colombia, Peru and Ecuador, with a portfolio of fresh and processed fruits mainly consisting of mango, avocado, baby banana, golden berry, pitaya, orange and mandarin orange.

Founded in 1998, EcoEnterprises Fund offers tailored growth capital and strategic guidance to innovative sustainable businesses in order to scale and optimize their financial, environmental and social performance. The firm focuses primarily on Latin American agriculture.

Oaklins’ team in Colombia acted as the exclusive financial advisor to the seller in this transaction.

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 Carlos  Barona

Carlos Barona

Bogotá, Colombia
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