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Tasomix has been acquired by ForFarmers N.V.

The Sobczak family has sold a majority stake in Tasomix, a large and innovative feed company, mainly active in the poultry sector, to ForFarmers NV for US$ 65 million.

Tasomix is an animal feed producer with two operational production facilities and a new one under construction. The joint capacity is approximately 450kT. These mills mainly produce feed for poultry farmers but also serve the ruminant and pig farmers. In 2016, Tasomix sold 395kT of feed, manufactured in its two operational mills, with a revenue of approximately US$120 million and a normalized EBITDA of US$9.7 million. Tasomix is located in Poland and has 180 employees. It will become part of the ForFarmers cluster in Germany, Belgium and Poland, and will continue operating under its own brand.

ForFarmers is an internationally operating feed company that offers total feed solutions for conventional and organic livestock farming. The firm works closely with farmers supporting them and offering greater efficiency. With sales of approximately 9.3 million tons of feed annually, ForFarmers is a market leader in Europe, with 2,300 employees and production facilities in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and the UK. In 2016, revenues amounted to US$2.5 billion.

Oaklins' team in Poland advised the seller in this transaction.

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