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Lenmed Health Pty Limited has acquired Sir Albert Medical Center

Lenmed Health Pty Ltd (Lenmed Health) has acquired the business assets of Sir Albert Medical Center (SAMC) comprising the hospital land and buildings, andall other assets and operations of the hospital, including the pharmacy assets and operations located on the land from which SAMC conducts its activities, for US$6 million. Lenmed Health and Harmony Gold have also entered into a 5-year-service-level agreement whereby Lenmed Health will provide medical services to Harmony Gold’s mine patients.

Lenmed Health is an established hospital group in South Africa, operating in South Africa, Mozambique and Botswana, offering more than 1,300 beds.

SAMC is a 100% private hospital providing all medical services. It has a 24 hour casualty department with a doctor on site for immediate assistance.

Harmony Gold, former owner of SAMC, established the hospital to cater for the well being of their mining staff/patients. It is the third largest gold mining company in the world and the third largest gold producer in South Africa. Harmony Gold operates mines in South Africa and Papua New Guinea.

Oaklins' team in South Africa acted as a sponsor and advisor to the buyer in this transaction.

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