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Quantum Foods has acquired a 20% stake in Krzyzanowscy Sp. z o.o.

Quantum Foods, a meat products manufacturer from Chicago who was looking for a production base from which they could serve their international clients in Poland, has acquired a 20% stake (with an option to obtain control) in Krzyzanowscy Sp. z o.o., the leading Polish producer of meat based products for supermarkets and the fast food industry. Financial terms of this transaction have not been disclosed.

Quantum Foods is an American producer of steaks and meat products and components for international chains of fast food and other restaurant chains, mainly HORECA.

Krzyzanowscy is the local leader in producing hamburgers and other meat based products sold mostly in supermarkets and hypermarket chains in Poland with some HORECA exposure (fast food chains). The company was owned by two Polish investors.

Oaklins' team in Poland acted as advisor to the buyer and led negotiations with the target's owners to start talks with the American client. Complexity was added by the fact that the target's owners were not interested, until they were persuaded, that a possible portfolio extension (with more focus on the HORECA market) and know-how injection was worth considering.

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