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The management team has acquired the remaining shares of Joalpe

The management team of Joalpe Industria de Expositores SA (Joalpe) has acquired the remaining shares of the company from its minority shareholders.

Founded in Portugal in 1984, Joalpe designs and distributes a complete and innovative range of plastic injection products such as racks, shopping baskets and trolleys for the retail and distribution industries.

Oaklins’ team in Portugal assisted Joalpe’s management team in the acquisition of the remaining shares of the company.


Sprechen Sie mit dem Deal Team

 João  Beirôco

João Beirôco

Managing Partner

Lissabon, Portugal
Oaklins Monsanto
 Diogo  Torrado

Diogo Torrado


Lissabon, Portugal
Oaklins Monsanto
 Mariana  Gomes

Mariana Gomes


Lissabon, Portugal
Oaklins Monsanto