Oaklins Switzerland expands its valuation and financial modeling services

In addition to its M&A expertise, Oaklins Switzerland’s core competences also include a number of corporate finance services such as company valuations, fairness opinions, or financial modeling. Given the increasing demand for theses services, Dr. Daniel Spring took over the responsibility to further expand this line of business.

Daniel joined Oaklins in 2014 and has extensive experience in the fields of valuation, financial modeling and purchase price allocation. He holds a Master’s degree and a doctorate in Business Administration. During his PhD, he had appointments as a teaching and research assistant at the Universities of Basel and Bern, respectively. Prior to that, he worked as an auditor for Deloitte and BDO.

Oaklins Switzerland’s valuation and modeling team offers the following services:

  • Company valuations: Valuation of your business or of potential take-over candidates through various methods and by applying best-practice standards.
  • Fairness Opinions: Regulatory fairness opinions or second opinions for public takeovers, or opinions related to the buy-out of single shareholders, tax-related restructurings or legal conflicts, etc.
  • Purchase price allocations (PPA) according to IFRS or US-GAAP: Identification and revaluation of both tangible and intangible assets and determination of the goodwill from an acquisition.
  • Valuation of intangible assets, including brands, customer relationships, or patents.
  • Financial model building: Excel-based models for planning and decision-making purposes, built based on transparent and widely recognized standards.
  • Financial model review: Critical review of your financial models to identify and eliminate inconsistencies or errors. Support to improve your model.

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