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KOSIT has acquired DETOX

The KOSIT group has acquired DETOX.

KOSIT is a vertically integrated group primarily focused on providing waste management services for the municipal sector and complex services for customers in the industrial and commercial sectors. In addition to the waste-to-energy plant (ZEVO) in Košice and the biogas plant for recycling biological waste, the KOSIT group operates several waste disposal facilities in the Košice, Prešov, and Nitra regions in Slovakia. The KOSIT group has more than 925 employees and a forecast consolidated turnover in 2023 is almost US$87 million.

Headquartered in Slovakia, DETOX is a highly specialized company focused on hazardous waste management.

Oaklins’ team in Slovakia acted as the sole financial advisor in this transaction.


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 Jozef  Streženec

Jozef Streženec

Senior Manager
Bratislava, Slovakia
Oaklins WOOD & Co.