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InVivo NSA has acquired AdGène

InVivo NSA has acquired AdGène for US$8 million.

InVivo NSA, along with its subsidiaries, engages in complete feed, premix, additives, analysis laboratories, and animal health businesses in Central America, South America, France/EMEA, and Asia. InVivo Labs, the analytical division of InVivo NSA, and AdGène, an expert laboratory in molecular biology in France, have announced their strategic union. This transaction allows InVivo Labs to reinforce its analytical portfolio related to food safety and traceability. Moreover, it positions the new group as a significant player in the high potential growing market of bioanalysis.

Founded in 2001, AdGène is a French laboratory that specializes in molecular biology, genetic analyses and water quality control. The laboratory employs 20 people and has high-tech equipment.

Oaklins' team in France advised the buyer in this transaction.

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