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JENOPTIK AG has acquired Five Lakes Automation

JENOPTIK AG, an integrated photonics group, has acquired Five Lakes Automation (FLA), the US-based provider of complex automated manufacturing solutions. Financial details have noi been disclosed.

JENOPTIK operates in the optics and life sciences, mobility, and defense and civil systems segments. The company’s automotive unit is a leading manufacturer of production metrology and 3D laser systems. The laser systems are integrated into the customer production lines as part of their process optimization and automation. They machine plastics, metals and leather ensuring maximum efficiency, precision and safety. The group has 3,500 employees and generated revenues of US$811 million in 2016.

“The acquisition allows us to win new know-how around automated production and new customers because not only can we offer stand-alone machines now but complete process solutions from a single source,” stated Stefan Traeger, President & CEO of JENOPTIK AG.

Founded in 2013, FLA plans and designs automated production lines and integrates them in the customer’s production systems. The services and products related to process engineering and implementation of automated manufacturing solutions include design, system layout, simulation, hardware and software design, robotic handling systems as well as transfer devices. FLA has specific expertise in the joining of complex metal components, especially welding systems. Its customers include leading US car manufacturers and automotive suppliers.

Oaklins' team in Germany identified potential targets and advised the buyer on this transaction.

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