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ZPT Szczecinek has been acquired by ZT 'Kruszwica' SA

ZPT Szczecinek, owned by Maplka SA, has been acquired by Zakłady Tłuszczowe 'Kruszwica' S.A. (ZT 'Kruszwica' SA), a listed Polish company controlled by Bunge, for an undisclosed consideration.

ZPT Szczecinek is an independent producer of margarine focused mainly on private label products. The owners were no longer interested in manufacturing assets.

ZT 'Kruszwica' SA, a subsidiary of Bunge, is the largest processor of oil seeds and manufacturer of vegetable fats in Poland and one of the largest in Central Europe. Their core business is the production of bottled oils, consumer margarine and fats for industrial applications.

Malpka SA is an investment company currently involved in building a retail chain.

Oaklins' team in Poland advised Maplka SA in this transaction. Oaklins' team in Germany provided the contact details of the key decision maker. The deal was closed via an auction.

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