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Taro Okayama

Managing Director

Taro is a managing director at SXA, Oaklins’ member firm in Japan. He also serves as a representative director and CEO at SXA. He co-leads the financial advisory division and, over the last few years, he has acted as an exclusive financial advisor on a number of deals, including the acquisition of Nelito System Limited by DTS Corporation, in TMT; the acquisition of RaySpec Ltd by Polatechno Co.,Ltd., in TMT; and the acquisition of Otto Holding B.V. and SL Group by OUTSOUCRING Inc., in the business support services industry.

Taro started his career at Arthur Andersen (UK), followed by Deloitte (UK) before joining Citigroup’s investment banking division. Taro has an MBA from London Business School.

 Taro Okayama
Tokio, Japan


+81 3-6674-8709

+81 80-1310-8073


Business Support Services

OUTSOURCING Inc. has acquired a 51% stake in Helpnet S.A.

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Industrial Machinery & Components

VAF Instruments has been acquired by Aalberts Industries

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Business Support Services

OUTSOURCING Inc. has acquired a majority stake in OTTO Holding B.V.

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