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United Kingdom, London

Michael Jewell


Globalizing cutting edge technology in point-of-care patient blood management

HEALTHCARE DEAL FLASH: Oaklins’ team in Switzerland advised the shareholders of TEM Group on the sale of the company to Instrumentation Laboratory (IL). The team acted as lead advisor to the shareholders of TEM Group throughout the sale process. This deal demonstrates the value and competitive advantage Oaklins provides in guiding the client in a very…


Shareholder Succession at Sphinx Werkzeuge AG

The owners of Sphinx Werkzeuge AG have sold a majority stake in the company to Helvetica Capital AG and members of the management team. Financial details were not disclosed. Sphinx Werkzeuge is a leading precision tools developer and manufacturer for high precision mechanical and medical applications. The company’s core business is the production of micro…


Instrumentation Laboratory Acquires CA CASYSO AG, Including TEM® subsidiaries and ROTEM® Testing Systems

Instrumentation Laboratory (IL) acquired CA Casyso AG (Basel, Switzerland) and its Tem subsidiaries (Tem), a global leader in in vitro diagnostic (IVD) testing for Patient Blood Management (PBM) with their flagship ROTEM testing systems. Tem is a global leader in in-vitro-diagnostic (IVD) testing for Patient Blood Management (PBM) with their flagship ROTEM testing systems. With…


A new rehabilitation pathway for acquired brain injuries

HEALTHCARE DEAL FLASH:  Smith & Williamson advised the shareholders of Oakleaf Care (Hartwell) Limited (Oakleaf) on the sale of the company to CareTech Holdings Plc (CareTech). Oakleaf provides brain injury rehabilitation to adult males requiring specialist care and long-term support. The in-depth healthcare sector knowledge and experience of our team of advisors was crucial to…


Cross-border deal in biosimilars

HEALTHCARE DEAL FLASH:  Oaklins’ Swedish and Italian teams advised the shareholders of Xbrane Biosciences AB (Xbrane) on the acquisition of Primm Pharma. They supported the buyer by scouting the Italian market, identifying the most suitable target, and assisting in the LOI formulation and in negotiations throughout the process. Through the acquisition, Xbrane will be able…


Consolidation continues in the dental industry

HEALTHCARE DEAL FLASH:  Our Oaklins’ team in the Netherlands and Cavendish, an Oaklins member firm in the UK, advised the shareholders of C.D.C. Complete tandzorg (CDC) in the sale of a stake in the company to G Square Healthcare Private Equity. The partnership will enable CDC to expand its dental care services to other regions…