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Fior di Loto Srl has merged with Baule Volante Srl

Fior di Loto Srl and Baule Volante Srl have merged to form a strategic alliance to create a new leading player in the organic food segment. The combined business will generate revenues of over US$80 million and will offer efficient services to further increase the presence and proximity of specialized stores.

Fior di Loto, incorporated in 1972 and based in Turin, Italy, is an organic food distributor currently present in approximately 5,500 healthy food specialized stores, herbalists and pharmacies with over 2,000S KUs (including more than 800 with their own brands), ranging from basic organic products to those specific for food intolerances, macrobiotics, and biocosmetics. In 2016, Fior di Loto generated approximately US$30 million in revenues.

Baule Volante, incorporated in 1987 and based in Bologna, is one of the main Italian players in the field of organic food. The company has more than 5,600 organic products of which over 500 are their own brand. Baule Volante is part of the EcorNaturaSì group and generated revenues of US$54 million in 2016.

Oaklins' team in Italy acted as the exclusive advisor to Fior de Loto throughout the whole process and coordinated all activities aimed at defining and completing the transaction.


What our client said

“The Italian team was definitively the right choice. It was a pleasure to work with them. They were highly professional as well as aligned with the ambitious and challenging goals of this extraordinary operation.”

Roberto Maschio, Chairman & Main Shareholder, Fior di Loto Srl

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 Baule Volante Srl

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