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Solvmex has completed a valuation process

The shareholders of Solvmex have completed a valuation process, as the major shareholders was analyzing the possibility of a potential sale

Founded in 1964, Solvmex is a leading chemical distribution company that offers over 400 products to more than 1,050 renowned active clients mainly located in Mexico City. The company owns a nearly 5,000 sqm facility in San Juan Ixhuatepec, in Mexico, which serves as its headquarters and main distribution center. Additionally, Solvmex also has 53 tanks with a total 1.9 million liters storage capacity, and a 400 sqm warehouse for drums storage. The company acts as a vertically integrated chemical distributor through its distribution subsidiary, which satisfies nearly 80% of its distribution needs. In 2018, Solvmex achieved total revenues of US$25 million, with an EBITDA of US$2 million.

Oaklins’ team in Mexico advised the shareholders of Solvmex. After the valuation analysis, the owners decided to keep the company as its value turned out to be considerably different from what they expected.

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