Oaklins advises on innovative SPAC transaction

Dutch Star Companies ONE (DSCO) is a Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) initiated by Oaklins Netherlands based on the successful launch of three SPACs by Oaklins Italy. The objective of DSCO is to acquire a significant minority stake in a Dutch well-performing ‘star company’, preferably a family business in the Netherlands. Oaklins Netherlands initiated, participated and advised DSCO on all aspects of its successful use of this innovative financing model. Gerbrand ter Brugge, who was in the lead on behalf of Oaklins Netherlands, commented: “Together with our promotors the ECM team has done a superb job of meeting all challenges. So far everything is going according to plan. We wanted to launch before the end of Q1 2018 and we managed to achieve that well before that deadline.”


Up until now DSCO has received pre-commitments of 50.5 million euros from a broad range of respectable investors, successful entrepreneurs (often Oaklins clients) and family offices with an appetite to invest in a unique business investment opportunity. Mr. Niek Hoek (former CEO of Delta Lloyd) and Mr. Stephan Nanninga (former CEO of SHV) are the two Executive Directors and also Promoters on the board next to Gerbrand. Niek Hoek said: “Dutch Star Companies ONE provides a unique opportunity to invest in a private company that most investors would otherwise not have access to.”


Today DSCO announces details regarding the offer size range, subscription process and the publication of the prospectus regarding its initial public offering to listing and trading on Euronext Amsterdam as scheduled for 22 February 2018. The offering consists of a public offering in the Netherlands to qualified investors and private placements in various other jurisdictions. The prospectus for this offering has been approved by and filed with the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (Autoriteit Financiële Markten, AFM) and is available on DutchStarCompanies.com. For the full details of the offering, see the prospectus.