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Distribution Spot On

Oaklins’ Don Wiggins draws on decades of experience in the industry to share his view on the future of distribution. He tracks the upward and downward valuation trends in the subgroups of healthcare, industrial and capital goods, consumer goods, and food and beverage to outline the shape of the market in Q3.

Recently, major distribution trends include consolidation, the emergence of new technologies such as big data analytics, and new business models such as last-mile delivery services. DON WIGGINS PRACTICE LEADER LOGISTICS JACKSONVILLE, USA


Food delivery services provider Delivery Hero’s M&A strategy comes under the spotlight as we examine the objectives behind its acquisitions and divestments over the last two years. By investing heavily in technology and user experience, they are on the fast track to becoming a global leader in food delivery.

We continually look to accelerate growth through select M&A. We acquire businesses in our segments to give us access to additional customers and restaurants, which allows us to better tailor our products and provides us with additional logistical or technological capabilities. DELIVERY HERO SE 2017 ANNUAL REPORT

Case study

In addition, we present a case study of Coastal Construction Products’ partnering with Supply Chain Equity Partners to show how it will enable the US independent distributor to become a national leader in waterproofing distribution.  

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