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Hitachi Capital Corporation has acquired Maske Group, a long-term car rental solutions company. Oaklins Germany acted as exclusive sell-side advisor.

Looking back, I am actually impressed by the scope and complexity a structured and international sale process has. Oaklins’ German team acted as a sparring partner at eye level and showed a high consistency of expertise and experience throughout the overall sale process. Arranging my succession with Hitachi Capital as the future shareholder therefore fully complies with my original plans and expectations. ANDREAS MASKE SHAREHOLDER MASKE GROUP, GERMANY

Oaklins brings opportunities together from across the world

Oaklins’ team in Germany acted as the exclusive sell-side advisor, running a structured international sale process. Hitachi Capital turned out to be the ideal partner to take Maske Group’s operations forward. The acquisition is the perfect fit for its European expansion strategy. Germany is the largest market in Europe, with new vehicle registration and leasing penetration increasing over the last five years.

Long-term rental has significant benefits over leasing and ownership. Above all, the extremely high degree of flexibility is a key factor in favor of long-term rental. Balance sheet reduction as well as the minimization of residual value risk and cost are other key decision-making factors behind this highly flexible mobility solution. LUTZ BECKER, MANAGING PARTNER OAKLINS, GERMANY

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