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Oaklins Cavendish has advised the shareholders and management of Orlebar Brown Limited on the sale of the business to Chanel.

Thank you to you for helping us to achieve this extraordinary result – Chanel is the perfect home for Orlebar Brown. You were patient and tenacious and I always felt you had my best interests at heart. ADAM BROWN FOUNDER, ORLEBAR BROWN LIMITED, UK

Oaklins digs deep to find the perfect fit

Oaklins Cavendish, based in the UK, advised the shareholders and management of Orlebar Brown on the sale of the business. The team built a structured process around key buyers, developing significant interest internationally, particularly from the USA, Asia and France. Competitive offers from private equity and trade ran in parallel. The senior team of consumer specialists built a detailed understanding of the business over three years prior to the sale.

We were delighted to advise on the sale of Orlebar Brown to Chanel and believe that Chanel, with its long-term focus on building enduring global brands, is the ideal partner for the next chapter at Orlebar Brown. With its strong digital presence and direct to consumer heritage, Orlebar Brown is a true 21st Century luxury brand which will, in turn, bring something exciting and new to Chanel’s brand portfolio. JONATHAN BUXTON, PRACTICE LEADER CONSUMER & RETAIL OAKLINS CAVENDISH, UK

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