Smart tech revolution supports an energy-efficient vision

HVAC Spot On

Oaklins’ HVAC specialist Philip Barker gives us a tantalizing glimpse into tomorrow’s world, exploring ten smart technologies set to transform energy efficiency and revolutionize the HVAC market.

The original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the market are investing in the launch of new and innovative products in order to increase the efficiency level of HVAC systems. In this newsletter we explore this trend towards smarter and highly efficient systems and look into the future to find out which innovations will revolutionize the market. PHILIP BARKER OAKLINS HVAC SPECIALIST


In this edition, Volution Group comes under the spotlight as its CEO explains the three strategic pillars underpinning its future growth.

Case study

A case in point is the sale of Swedish manufacturer and supplier of centralized heat recovery ventilation systems VoltAir to Volution Group, providing the ventilation product supplier with an excellent platform to become a leading provider in the Nordic region.


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