Will TIC companies benefit from Brexit?

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How might Brexit impact the TIC industry? Oaklins’ specialist Arjen Kostelijk anticipates a possible upsurge in international TIC activities. Meanwhile, the sector’s strong and resilient industry fundamentals continue to attract private investors and drive growth. We report on the most notable transactions over the last two quarters.

Brexit could have a large impact on international TIC activities. It might be possible that UK certificates cannot be placed in the EU market, and the other way around, unless re-tested or re-certified.This could mean a sharp increase of TIC activities related to trade between the EU and the UK. ARJEN KOSTELIJK OAKLINS TIC SPECIALIST AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS


For the TIC Q1 2019 newsletter, we have screened the last two quarters (October 2018–March 2019) for TIC-related transactions. We have divided 15 notable transactions into three different groups:

  1. food and environmental
  2. building, industrial and products
  3. healthcare

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