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How will direct-to-consumer and always-on marketing force the MD&I sector to transform? Following the news that Unilever is considering not replacing its chief marketing officer, Oaklins’ global marketing data and analytics specialists John Matthews and Elaine Riddell discuss the probability of brands digitizing marketing operations and bringing them in-house.

They explore the opportunities emerging for agile agencies prepared to adapt to the new marketing models. In addition, we chart the latest valuation trends that illustrate the continued buoyancy of the market research industry.

In the final quarter of last year, especially as we drew close to the holidays, a pall seemed to be creeping over the deal market. A sense that things had been too good for too long hung in the air, along with its logical follow-on—that the end was nigh: a downturn was overdue and M&A activity would shrink along with the economy. Well, that fear has proven unfounded so far in 2019. Global economies continue to expand and M&A hums along. Publicis Groupe’s US$4.4bn purchase of Alliance Data’s Epsilon unit is the latest blockbuster MD&I headline. No price is too high in order to remain relevant— good economy or bad. KEN SONENCLAR, MANAGING DIRECTOR, OAKLINS, NEW YORK, USA

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