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Activity in the TIC sector continues unabated as large TIC companies take advantage of the strong M&A market to divest themselves of non-core assets and focus resources on their core business. 

This, along with the steady swell of technology acquisitions by market players preparing for the digitalization that’s sweeping across the industry, makes Oaklins’ specialist Arjen Kostelijk’s expert opinion on when to catch the crest of the M&A wave an essential read.

We are seeing ongoing activity in the global TIC M&A market, where large TIC companies are using the high valuation multiples in the current M&A market to divest their non-core assets in order to bring more focus into their activities. In addition, we have noticed that market players are making more and more acquisitions of technology companies in order to be prepared for the digitalization wave that is also rolling across the global TIC market. ARJEN KOSTELIJK, OAKLINS TIC SPECIALIST


As global trade, regulatory requirements and outsourcing have grown, so has the demand for TIC services. Over the last ten years, the TIC market has grown, on average, approximately 8% per annum.

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