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An update on the M&A market

Rapid technological advances in robotics are having a positive impact on businesses of all types and sizes. At the same time the robotics industry itself is dealing with new dynamics and innovations. Together these factors are impacting the robotics M&A market, where transaction numbers continued to grow in the first half of this year.


Oaklins’ specialists Dr. Jürg Stucker and David Zürrer examine trends in this thriving market, such as buyer structures, global deals and price multiples. They also look at areas of growth and opportunities within the industry.

Despite the recent decline in price multiples of robotics transactions, we still see very attractive valuations and an increasing appetite, especially for midsized robotics companies. These are often acquired by larger, international companies. Hence, global access to these buyers is key for a robotics M&A transaction. JÜRG STUCKER, OAKLINS HEAD OF ROBOTICS TEAM

Case study

Global mechatronics solution provider Stäubli Holding Germany GmbH has acquired a 70% stake in WFT Beteiligungs GmbH. Stäubli has three dedicated activities, connectors, robotics and textile, while WFT offers a range of services related to industrial machinery and components.

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