Space design and safety regulations drive flat glass market

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Glass has started to play a greater role in building design thanks to its versatility, and is being used creatively in the current trend for more unusual, individualistic buildings. In addition to offering a more light and open design, increased safety awareness in both developing and developed nations is driving demand, especially in the construction and automotive industries.  While the COVID-19 pandemic may have initially affected demand and disrupted the supply chain, it is expected that the market will bounce back once the global economy stabilizes.

While COVID-19 has led to an overall fall in demand and disruption of the supply chain for many flat glass processing companies, we see that valuations of leading listed players are stable and M&A activity remains high, especially for highmargin producers of safety glass. VALĒRIJA LIEĢE, GLASS PROCESSING & FINISHING SPECIALIST, OAKLINS

In this Spot On, we hear from the leaders of Pyroguard, an industry-leading manufacturer of fire-safety glass, and PE fund ESO Capital, who recently invested in the company, to hear their views about the market, post-COVID opportunities, and the advantages of having a financial investor.

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