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Oré Peinture has been acquired by the Danish group Geveko Markings AB, the European leader in road markings owned by the Scandinavian investment company Solix.


The two companies share common cultural strengths. Highly customer-focused, they supply innovative solutions that create value for road sign applicators, local authorities and road users, to ensure that all forms of mobility (pedestrians, cyclists, motorists and public transportation) can coexist safely.

Since its creation in 1992, Oré Peinture has built a reputation in the French market for road marking, accessibility and safety products. I am pleased that we have found the right partner. This acquisition will bring together two talented and innovative teams. Oré is now part of a leading organization focused on improving mobility and safety worldwide. The Oaklins team has done an outstanding job in helping us choose the most favorable option for both the sellers and employees. GILLES SALLES, FOUNDER AND CEO, ORÉ PEINTURE, FRANCE

Oaklins found the best partner to expand the business

Oaklins’ team in France, with the support of other Oaklins teams abroad, most significantly in Denmark, organized a competitive process between private equity funds and major players in the global paint and road equipment manufacturing sector in order to find the most appropriate partner. Oaklins received seven offers from European and American private equity firms and corporations and overcame the difficulties associated with COVID-19 in his transaction.

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