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With concern growing steeply among consumers regarding climate change, an increased commitment to sustainability is emerging in numerous business sectors, not least that of flexible packaging. As our latest Spot On reports, sustainable packaging is the biggest trend in that industry at the moment and is set to have a significant impact on M&A for the foreseeable future.


Thomas Jungreithmeir, Oaklins’ flexible packaging specialist, looks at the impact of strict European Union regulations regarding compostable packaging as it seeks to deal with the mounting problem of plastic pollution, and considers some of the innovations and trends currently being seen in different packaging markets, including biodegradable plastics.

Sustainable packaging is the biggest trend in this industry right now, and extensive R&D will also drive M&A in flexible packaging in 2022 and beyond. As a result of consumer behavior, retailers and industries expect the packaging industry to offer them new or better sustainable packaging solutions. Compostable or biodegradable options are set to increase significantly, replacing as many plastic parts as possible, and using different inks is another way to improve sustainability. IP-linked M&A deals may become much more relevant in the future. THOMAS JUNGREITHMEIR, FLEXIBLE PACKAGING SPECIALIST, OAKLINS

In light of the critical situation with the growing amount of plastic in the world’s oceans, we talk to Daphna Nissenbaum, CEO and co-founder of Israel-based company TIPA Compostable Packaging. TIPA has developed a certified compostable flexible film that offers many of the advantages of conventional plastic. We hear about the development of this new material, how it works and how it’s being used in practice.


Finally, we provide a summary of selected listed players in the flexible packaging market as well as recent M&A transactions across the globe.

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