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Launchmetrics Group has acquired its main competitor, the Italian DMR Group, thereby strengthening its data and analytic capabilities and becoming a category leader in brand performance for fashion, luxury and beauty (FLB) brands.

DMR brings complementary analytics capabilities and scale to Launchmetrics, resulting in a unified and powerful solution for fashion brands to measure and optimize their marketing efforts.

At DMR, we care deeply about each and every one of our clients’ requirements and, as the founder, I have also cared for more than 20 years about our employees, whom I consider my family. Launchmetrics has been a longstanding competitor for us, and this transaction has evolved naturally over the years. My main goal now is to ensure my legacy over the coming years both with DMR clients, whose trust has been essential, and with DMR’s worldwide staff, who have always been by my side throughout this exciting journey. ENZO DI SARLI, PRESIDENT AND FOUNDER, DMR GROUP, ITALY

Oaklins played a key role in facilitating this deal

Oaklins’ team in Italy advised DMR Group, while the team in France supported the transaction during negotiations with the buyer, and Oaklins’ creative services team in New York provided its expertise throughout the process. The client was very happy with the work done, with the solid support offered by our three members and with the result of the transaction. A perfect example of Oaklins’ teams working seamlessly and effectively.

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