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Deal activity I July & August 2023

In July and August, Oaklins successfully concluded 38 transactions, of which the majority were sell-side. Notably, over 75% of the transactions we closed were European and 45% were cross-border deals, exemplifying our ability to identify and secure premium targets abroad. This expertise directly benefits our clients who aspire to expand globally.

In the current challenging business environment, Oaklins maintains an optimistic stance, recognizing the enduring significance of acquisitions in corporate strategy. Companies that can execute effective M&A strategies, irrespective of market conditions, consistently outperform their peers.


As demonstrated by the testimonials below, our professional guidance helps clients understand their current situation and anticipate changes in their sector and global markets, positioning them for success.

A selection of deals closed in July and August

Smiths has now posted eight straight quarters of growth, and the addition of HCP allows us to further build on this momentum by adding synergistic capabilities through an accretive transaction in a market we know well. We welcome our new colleagues from HCP to Smiths. PAUL KEEL, CEO, SMITHS GROUP PLC
With Oaklins’ help, we have found the best possible new owner for the company. I’m certain it will be an exciting journey together with Garda Sikring and EMK Capital. LARS KRAMER, CEO AND CO-OWNER, KIBO SECURITY GROUP A/S
We have been working intensively with the Oaklins team over the past two years. We are grateful for the support, the expertise, the willingness to go a step further and provide concrete advice, the capability to put themselves into the client's shoes, and the honesty and transparency in all their comments. FRANCISCO GIRONA, CEO, MTS GLOBE GROUP
SGI Compliance has long been acknowledged as a trusted and preferred partner for CMR hazardous materials and water hygiene TICC services in the Netherlands, Norway, Belgium and France. Under the umbrella of CERTANIA, SGI Compliance will continue to operate independently, leveraging the synergies and growth opportunities arising from our partnership. I would like to thank Oaklins for their professionalism, expertise and commitment to achieving this successful transaction. SYTZE VOULON, (INTERIM) CEO, SGI COMPLIANCE
In our fourth transaction to date, Oaklins TM Capital continues to raise the bar and exceed our lofty expectations. In the sale of Minuteman to Tenex, the team successfully articulated a compelling and nuanced story, executed a robust and efficient process, and displayed a deep understanding of the underlying trends fueling growth in the security integration category. Oaklins TM Capital was the ideal advisor for this transaction and we are thrilled with the outcome. BRETT HOLCOMB, PARTNER, PROSPECT PARTNERS
I am proud to announce that the entire global team has worked diligently to build a truly global service offering that is ready for the next phase. The experience and knowledge we have gained over the last 17 years in the construction supply chain, supported by our in-house developed control tower platform, is ready to expand further. With Capital A we have found a cultural fit that has the power, experience and drive to support us in achieving our goals for the coming years. This enables us to develop and grow our employees and organization, while building our network and offerings to exceed our customers’ expectations and support them in achieving their operational, financial and sustainability goals. Oaklins’ sector knowledge, expert advice and support played a fundamental role throughout the sale process. JEROEN SCHOLTEN, SHAREHOLDER AND CEO, CALIBER.GLOBAL
The Oaklins Cavendish team did a fantastic job, running a truly competitive process and managing the transaction with great skill. They were crucial in delivering this deal and its successful outcome – many thanks to the whole team. BRYAN POWELL AND CATHERINE POWELL, CO-FOUNDERS, PURE CREMATION
The entire Oaklins TM Capital team supported Hydraulex every step of the way. Their expert positioning of the business, deep understanding of the industry, meticulous attention to detail and continuous advocacy were instrumental to achieving a successful outcome. The team’s extensive transaction expertise and professional guidance enabled us to effectively navigate the complexities of the process. We sincerely appreciate their trusted advice, commitment and dedication. BRIAN TINNEY, CEO, HYDRAULEX
The acquisition of Solzaima enables us to gain a proper foothold in the pellet products market. Since pellet products account for the bulk of the market in Southern Europe, Solzaima will play a significant part in our future expansion. The company’s sales predominantly focus on the Iberian Peninsula, which means it also complements us perfectly geographically. Solzaima has a strong management with extensive experience of our industry. It is gratifying that they will retain a share in the company for another five years to continue to develop operations together with us, which is completely in line with our philosophy. GERTERIC LINDQUIST, MANAGING DIRECTOR AND CEO, NIBE INDUSTRIER AB
Oaklins played an instrumental role in guiding the shareholders on the sale of Enviroguide Consulting. Their knowledge of the international consultancy industry and access to large international players was critical in terms of finding the right partner for our business. Enviroguide is a people business, and we are delighted to welcome DNV as the new owners and custodians of the strong Enviroguide culture going forward. We are grateful for the efforts of the team and all the expert advice that we received along the way. JIM DOWDALL, GILLIAN FREE AND CHARLIE & RONAN WALSH, SHAREHOLDERS, ENVIROGUIDE CONSULTING
Thanks to our series A funding, TinyMobileRobots is set for exponential growth. This capital injection will fuel our technological advancements, empowering us to revolutionize the industry. Oaklins’ profound understanding of our sector and invaluable relationships have solidified their role as a trusted partner. Together, we are driving the future of mobile robotics, delivering cutting-edge solutions that redefine efficiency and affordability. JENS PEDER KRISTENSEN, CEO AND FOUNDER, TINYMOBILEROBOTS
We have been fortunate to work with an extraordinary team and witness Ducs de Gascogne thrive. We want to express our deep gratitude to the Oaklins team who supported our entrepreneurial journey. We are confident that the new owners will bring a fresh vision to the company while preserving the spirit of Ducs de Gascogne and our commitment to quality and excellence. CYRIL JOLLIVET, CHAIRMAN, DUCS DE GASCOGNE
Oaklins quickly convinced us of its understanding of the paint industry and was able to identify the investors who best matched our expectations and our businesses. We are delighted to welcome GENEO and BPIfrance to our capital, and would like to thank Oaklins for its unfailing commitment and professionalism. HUGO ROBARDEY AND LAURENT LETORT, CEO, GROUPE ACTÉO

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