Boosting commitment to sustainable animal care: Global leader acquires Brazilian biotech company

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Olmix Group, a portfolio company of Motion Equity Partners, has acquired a majority stake in Yes Sinergy, a portfolio company of Aqua Capital. With this sale, Aqua Capital, which has been a majority shareholder since 2016, is completing a partial exit from the company.

Olmix Group specializes in developing, producing and distributing bio-sourced solutions to reinforce the natural functions of soils, plants and animal nutrition.

With our acquisition of Yes Sinergy, we at Olmix Group are accelerating our international growth and establishing ourselves as a leading provider of bio-sourced solutions for agriculture. Thanks to Oaklins’ relationship with Aqua, we have been able to bridge the gap on many occasions. The dedication and diligence of the team were instrumental in securing the approval of all stakeholders on the rationale for Olmix to proceed with such a transaction. NICOLAS BAUDIN, HEAD OF M&A, OLMIX GROUP, FRANCE

Oaklins played a key role in this transaction

Oaklins Olimpia Partners in Brazil served as the sole buy-side advisor to Olmix Group and Motion Equity Partners. The Oaklins team in France supported the transaction in its early stages. With a deep knowledge of the Brazilian M&A environment, Oaklins ensured a meticulous assessment of the target and its shareholders. Given the relationship that Oaklins already had with Aqua Capital, it was ideally situated to orchestrate a successful transaction and assist throughout the negotiation process.

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