Leading Danish security specialist has been acquired by Garda Sikring/EMK Capital

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KIBO Security Group, a Danish full-service security specialist, has been sold to Garda Sikring/EMK Capital.

KIBO Security Group has more than 50 years’ experience providing security solutions to companies as well as public authorities and institutions. Its main activities are the design, installation and servicing of mechanical security, electronic surveillance and mobile security solutions.

With Oaklins’ help, we have found the best possible new owner for the company. I’m certain it will be an exciting journey together with Garda Sikring and EMK Capital. LARS KRAMER, CEO AND CO-OWNER, KIBO SECURITY GROUP, DENMARK

Oaklins played a crucial role in this transaction

Oaklins’ team in Denmark was engaged as strategic and financial advisor by the owners of KIBO Security Group, comprising management and Executive Capital, a Danish private investment firm. The team had been in contact with KIBO since 2022, developing a strong understanding of the company and its potential. This understanding played a crucial role throughout the deal process. With expert guidance and support, the team achieved a smooth and successful transition, delivering a satisfactory result. Collaborating closely with the owners, Oaklins identified the ideal partner to lead the company into a promising future, generating excitement within the management team for continued collaboration.

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