Oaklins’ commitment to interconnecting its professionals

The spirit of Oaklins is inherently global, and our professionals thrive within a culture that balances in-depth local teamwork with expansive global connections. This dualism allows them to enjoy the camaraderie of small teams while engaging in the diverse business and cultural practices that our global presence provides.

We prioritize our people, investing in their growth and ensuring they remain interconnected, informed and inspired. Our staff exchange program embodies this commitment, offering junior and mid-level professionals the opportunity to develop and enhance relationships of trust and experience Oaklins' global strength firsthand.

We believe that the foundation of exceptional client service is built on relationships of trust. While our senior advisors frequently interact and forge bonds with international colleagues, we want to offer the same valuable exposure to our junior and mid-level professionals. Our staff exchange program is tailored to ensure that they not only connect with peers across borders but also experience the power of Oaklins. By fostering these early-stage global connections, we're nurturing the next generation to seamlessly leverage our global resources for outstanding client results. JUAN PABLO BAYTER, VP FOR LATIN AMERICA & INCOMING PRESIDENT, OAKLINS

As we focus on our staff exchange program, we present insights from:

  • MATTHIAS DAVID, senior associate at Oaklins KBC Securities in Belgium, who spent a month working at our office in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  • MATHIAS MACHADO, senior analyst at Oaklins Fortezza Partners in Brazil who went to Oaklins ZIMMA in Mexico.

The Oaklins experience

Describe your typical day at Oaklins, both in your home office and during the exchange. How did the two experiences differ, and what remained consistent?

MATTHIAS DAVID: Days at Oaklins in Belgium and the Netherlands typically share a common thread of a flat hierarchy and approachable senior staff, making for a supportive work environment.

MATHIAS MACHADO: Whether in Brazil or Mexico, my day usually starts with reviewing emails and market updates, then diving into financial models and industry-specific research. During my time in Mexico, I stayed in close contact with my team back home via video or messaging platforms to discuss ongoing deals, share insights and allocate tasks effectively.

The main difference between working in Brazil and Mexico was how we communicated. But the basic tasks of an M&A analyst — like researching, making financial models, and preparing presentations — stayed the same in both places.

In your opinion, what sets Oaklins apart from other firms in terms of work culture and opportunities?

MATTHIAS DAVID: I find Oaklins' work culture unique in its collaborative approach. There's no competition among offices — instead, we all help each other succeed. We're a group of down-to-earth, smart people who go above and beyond for our clients. For many of them, their company is more than a business; it's a legacy, intertwined with their community and history. Understanding the depth of these connections, we go the extra mile to ensure they have an advisor they can trust through significant transitions. We also celebrate hard work and share our victories.


Opportunity-wise, Oaklins is focused on growth and learning. We offer practical training, from Excel and LBO training to leadership skills, and we freely share knowledge and best practice tips on topics like marketing, HR and operations across the company. This helps us all do better in everything from day-to-day tasks to strategy and planning.

MATHIAS MACHADO: To me, Oaklins stands out for its strong commitment to quality and consistently delivering exceptional results. Our workplace culture emphasizes teamwork, where each person is motivated by our shared goal to excel in all we do.

I agree that we have a culture that values and encourages working together, where mutual support is a given. It's a place where willingness to pitch in and assist one another is the norm, fostering a work environment that not only improves our output but also sparks creativity and strengthens our team dynamic. MATHIAS MACHADO

There's also a wealth of opportunities for personal and professional advancement, including ongoing training, diverse events, and exchange programs. These opportunities are designed to keep us agile and forward-thinking in a rapidly evolving industry.

Personal growth

What were the most significant lessons or skills you acquired during the staff exchange program?

MATHIAS MACHADO: The staff exchange program was very enriching, exposing me to diverse work methods and viewpoints. Working in a new office environment allowed me to adopt fresh strategies and enhance my approach to complex projects.


The experience also fine-tuned my communication skills, as I learned the significance of clear and effective interaction with diverse teams. It improved my adaptability and strengthened my collaborative abilities, giving me a deeper understanding of the global business landscape.

Looking back on your time at Oaklins so far, what has been your most memorable moment or achievement?

MATTHIAS DAVID: Reflecting on my time at Oaklins, the international Hamburg and London conferences remain the highlights. Each time, they've been insightful, motivating and entertaining. They’ve offered a platform to connect with colleagues worldwide, exchange fresh ideas, and gain new insights that have enhanced both my personal skills and our collective team performance. The energy from discussing M&A topics with like-minded professionals was incredibly motivating. Plus, the social events, like the memorable boat cruise in London, added a fun element that brought us all closer, showcasing the local culture and strengthening our team bond.

Building relationships

How has the staff exchange program enhanced your professional network and relationships within Oaklins?

MATTHIAS DAVID: The exchange program let me get to know everyone at Oaklins Netherlands personally. It made it easy to reach out to the right person for advice or a quick chat about work. More than just work benefits, I got to join the Dutch team in sports activities after hours. Running the Amsterdam half marathon with them was unforgettable. It showed how close we can get when we share such experiences.

Choosing Oaklins

What would you say to a candidate contemplating a career with Oaklins?

MATHIAS MACHADO: In my experience, I'd definitely recommend it. It’s a place where you'll be challenged and supported to grow every day. The work culture at Oaklins is exceptional and offers an environment where collaboration, excellence and continuous learning are not just encouraged but integral to the company's ethos. You get to work with diverse teams and have global opportunities, while the focus on delivering great results helps you grow personally and professionally. For those aspiring to excel in mergers and acquisitions, Oaklins is the ideal platform for growth.

Matthias david
Matthias David Brussels, Belgium
Senior Associate
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Mathias machado
Mathias Machado São Paulo, Brazil
Senior Analyst
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Juan pablo bayter
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