Revolutionizing horticulture: unleashing the power of robotics, machine vision, data & AI

Horticulture Spot On

Technology’s expanding role in the world today continues a pace, and the horticulture sector is starting to embrace the power of robotics, machine vision, data and AI. Countless benefits can be drawn from these technologies in this market, and it’s translating into notable growth.

As we report in our latest Horticulture Spot On, this is attracting numerous players into the industry, both from within and outside horticulture, looking to benefit from advantageous partnerships.

Each sub-segment in horticulture follows its unique growth and consolidation cycle, with robotics ecosystem currently leading in growth. This trend is likely to persist throughout the decade. The market player landscape, while presently fragmented, is evolving. Internal industry forces like economies of scale, synergy, professional demand, and the need for comprehensive service offerings are driving players towards forming partnerships in various ways. Additionally, external forces, including interest from financial investors like venture capitalists and private equity firms, are attracted by the consolidation potential and significant market growth. This interest isn’t limited to financial investors; strategic parties outside the sector are also keen. Several market players have already gained from collaborations with others, including venture capitalists, private equity firms, and strategic partners from different sectors. These partnerships are not only accelerating their growth but in some cases, enabling it. As a result, we anticipate a surge in such partnerships in the near future. FRANK DE HEK, HORTICULTURE SPECIALIST, OAKLINS

In this edition, we feature insights from Jason Silm, partner and head of agriculture at Cibus Capital. Jason discusses various topics, including the evolving dynamics of robotics and mechanization in horticulture, as well as Cibus Capital's strategic approach to investing in what they consider a key segment for the future.

Additionally, you'll find an overview of the current players’ landscape, a compilation of recent transactions from around the globe, and an analysis of historical valuation data.

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