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Deal activity I Q4 and annual results

The past year has been a testament to adaptability and strategic acumen at a time when market trends have been hard to predict. Oaklins has navigated these waters with purpose and precision, completing 87 transactions in the fourth quarter alone. These successful deals across a variety of industries underscore our ability to deliver results that matter.

But our journey through 2023 wasn't just about numbers; it was about the stories behind each deal, the growth we enabled for our clients, and the trust we built across continents. Our climb in the Refinitiv league tables to the top tiers globally wasn't just a rise in the rankings — it was a step forward with our clients.

Each transaction reflects a client's vision for the future — whether it's scaling up, entering new territories or ensuring a legacy continues with the right successor. Oaklins is here to turn those visions into reality. Our approach is straightforward: understand the client's needs, anticipate market shifts, and execute with precision.

We invite you to explore the testimonials below, where our clients share their experiences. These deal stories are the true measure of our work. They reflect the concrete benefits we bring to our clients, helping them to stand strong in their markets and seize the opportunities that lie ahead.

A selection of deals closed in Q4 of 2023

We already had a successful collaboration with Oaklins a couple of years ago. That’s why we contacted them again with regard to the envisaged sale of LISEGA. As expected, the sale process went smoothly and without any problems. Special mention should be made of the experience and professionalism of the Oaklins team involved, more in the skillful role of an intermediary than a one-sided representation of interests. This ultimately led to trust on both sides and thus to a successful transaction. I would like to express my sincere thanks for their professional cooperation as well as the successful result. HANS-HERLOF HARDTKE, OWNER, LISEGA SE 
The Oaklins team proved to be highly dedicated, efficient and hands-on throughout the process, aiming at finding the most optimal deal structure and best solutions for both sellers and the company going forward. The foundation was professionally set through a structured process with a comprehensive company analysis, presentations and supporting material. ANNBJØRN VASDAL CEO, ETAC BIL AS
During the last 12 years, I have made move UP what it is today, a valued partner in physical fitness for health insurers and employers. Acture shares my vision of physical health, and I look forward to developing the concept of total welfare management together with Acture in Germany and the rest of Europe. I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to the Oaklins team, our invaluable partner throughout this process. Their unwavering dedication and strategic guidance played a pivotal role in navigating the complexities of this deal, and we sincerely appreciate their substantial operational support. We are confident and ready to embrace a prosperous future as an integral part of the Acture family. JAN-FREDERIK KOLTHOFF, FOUNDER AND CEO, MOVE UP 
We are excited to announce the successful completion of the WESTFA Energy acquisition, a strategic move that reinforces Mabanaft’s commitment to growth and innovation in the energy sector. This acquisition not only grows our market presence in Northwest Europe but also opens up new growth and value creation opportunities for Mabanaft. Oaklins has been an invaluable partner throughout the entire process. With their exceptional dedication, the team has been crucial in navigating through the complexities of this deal. We highly appreciate their strategic guidance and heavy operational support. Through their dedicated work, they have enabled us to strengthen our vision for WESTFA and Mabanaft which will help to take our business to the next level. RICHARD PRATT, HEAD OF STRATEGY, MABANAFT GMBH & CO. KG 
Selling my steel service center with Oaklins Heritage’s help was a game-changer. Their expertise and strategic advisory were exceptional. I’m immensely grateful for their guidance throughout the process, resulting in a seamless transaction. I highly recommend their expertise and professionalism. DAVE ROWND, PRESIDENT, STARK METAL SALES
AIM will be an excellent home for Taunton. The two companies share a dedication to producing high-quality information and inspiring enthusiasts for hands-on living. AIM’s leadership, scale and resources will provide a strong foundation for the next generation of Taunton’s growth, and the combined organization will provide new opportunities for our employees. ANDREA ROMAN, BOARD CHAIR, THE TAUNTON PRESS
The Oaklins team provided us with valuable support and advice throughout the transaction. Our shareholders voted overwhelmingly in favor of the deal, and we are grateful to our advisors for guiding us to such a good result. MARK HARDGRAVE, CHAIRMAN, Pental Limited
InNeuroCo’s founders have enjoyed a long-standing history of success with the Oaklins TM healthcare team. When we began contemplating a transaction for InNeuroCo, they were the obvious choice to serve as our advisor. Throughout this transaction, their knowledge of the neurovascular sector, valuable strategic insights and demonstrated expertise in contract medical manufacturing were critical to engineering a successful outcome for InNeuroCo. We appreciate the team’s tireless dedication and thoughtful approach. MARC LINZENBERG, PRESIDENT AND CEO, INNEUROCO

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