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Inflexion Private Equity Partners LLC (Inflexion), a leading mid-market private equity firm, has acquired Creative Car Park Limited (CCP) from Rockpool Investments.

The management of CCP created a business which utilizes technology to help other businesses serve their customers better. The vision and its delivery since inception has been very impressive. We look forward to working with management to help roll out their services to a wider customer base. SIMON TURNER, MANAGING PARTNER, INFLEXION PRIVATE EQUITY PARTNERS LLC, UK

Oaklins´ approach delivers extraordinary value

Oaklins Cavendish, based in the UK, provided Inflexion with strategic advisory services and tactics during a competitive auction process. In addition, they assisted in negotiating terms with a number of debt providers and ensured debt funding was in place to complete the transaction.

"We are delighted to have advised on this transaction. Inflexion, with its track record of helping businesses accelerate their expansion and better serve their customers, is definitely the right partner for CCP at this stage of its growth."

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