Synergies between European retail and Asian sourcing in the consumer sector

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Magical Honour Limited, a private equity fund focused on investments in the consumer industry, has acquired Matratzen Concord GmbH from Beter Bed Holding N.V. Given Matratzen Concord’s potential as a strong, recognized brand and its value in store coverage in the DACH area, and Magical Honour’s experience and resources in Asia, synergies in the supply chain will create cost savings.

Over the years, our team in Shanghai has established extensive transaction experience and knowledge in the bedding industry. This allowed us to immediately identify this opportunity for our client. We believe that with Magical Honour’s sourcing power in Asia, Matratzen Concord will become a stronger brand. ANGELA CHEN, MANAGING DIRECTOR, OAKLINS, SHANGHAI, CHINA

Oaklins brings opportunities together from across the world

Oaklins’ team in Shanghai assisted Magical Honour in beginning the bidding process and led them through a structured purchase process: from the multiple phases of bidding to valuation, and finally to SPA negotiations and closing. Oaklins’ team in the Netherlands supported this transaction.

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