Facility Services Report

An update on the M&A market

Why have strategic investors accelerated their focus on the rapidly growing US$1.2 trillion global facility services market? Oaklins’ M&A advisors from our Atlanta and Boston office provide an overview of today’s dynamic but still fragmented industry and its key themes.

We survey the barbell shape of today’s competitive landscape, created by the mix of large and local facility services players — paying special attention to the evolving middle territory, where M&A processes result in attractive double-digit exit multiples.

Sector highlights are grouped under hard and soft services, with their related attributes, key valuation drivers and a selection of notable recent transactions. We also list M&A transaction activity by sector to bring you up to date with the latest industry trends.

Now more than ever, clients are turning to ABM for expertise and guidance to keep their facilities safe for employees, tenants, students, travelers and the public. Our Expert Advisory Council will help us deliver innovative solutions like EnhancedClean™ to our clients and lead the industry through this pandemic. TOM GALLO, SVP OF STRATEGY & TRANSFORMATION, ABM INDUSTRIES

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Jarrad Zalkin Boston, United States
Managing Director
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David M. Felts Atlanta, United States
Managing Director
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Kevin Atchue Boston, United States
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