Oaklins HFG advised China's leading electrical equipment manufacturer Huanyu Group to introduce strategic investment from Eaton Electric

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Oaklins HFG China announces today that it has successfully advised HuanYu Group Co., Ltd, China’s leading electrical equipment manufacturer, to introduce strategic investment from Eaton Electric, a global leader in power management.


On March 30, 2021, a press conference was held in Wenzhou, Zhejiang where nearly 200 representatives of government, media and industry corporations were present to announce the strategic cooperation and the establishment of the JV HuanYu High Tech.

We are very pleased to have achieved a strong strategic cooperation with Eaton with the help of Oaklins HFG China. This will be a major change and integration in the field of low-voltage electrical components in China. With the local supply chain and resource network in Wenzhou, I believe we will be able to expand our market share, upgrade our technology, products and management, and quickly grow into a more successful enterprise. Mr. Wang Kai, Chairman, Huanyu High Tech

HuanYu Group is a leading Chinese enterprise focusing on the R&D and manufacturing of high and low voltage electrical equipment and components, power transformers, automation, industrial instrumentation. Founded in 1989 and headquartered in Wenzhou, HuanYu’s comprehensive strength ranks top 500 in China. As the joint venture, HuanYu High Tech specializes in the production of low-voltage electrical components and system solutions and will further enhance its competitiveness and production efficiency to help form a new pattern the field of low-voltage electrical components.

We are very pleased to have helped form the cooperation between HuanYu Group and Eaton, as such cooperation set another milestone in the field of low-voltage electrical components after the cooperation of Delixi and Schneider, and it will accelerate the development of the industry. Oaklins HFG China’s mission in China is to help Chinese companies bring in strategic resources from overseas to achieve resource integration. In the meantime, we are committed to helping overseas companies implement strategies in Chinese market. Angela Chen, Managing Director, Oaklins HFG China


Oaklins HFG China is the member firm of Oaklins-the world’s leading M&A and financial advisory group-and has a nearly 20-year history in Chinese market. We have a deep understanding in the fields of electrical, chemical new materials, property management, medical equipment, consumer and retail, and is committed to helping Chinese companies achieve strategic expansion and promote the internal circulation of local industries. As Huanyu’s exclusive financial advisor, Oaklins HFG China provided professional services including communication and negotiation, due diligence, financial consulting, and the signing of joint venture agreements, assisting Huanyu Group in acquiring overseas capital and resources to enhance its competitiveness in the market of low-voltage electrical components despite the highly challenging pandemic situation.

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