French producer of synthetic paper seizes international opportunity

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Supported by Prudentia Capital, Arjobex Group has received an equity and mezzanine investment from Indigo Capital to acquire MDV Group, a Germany-based special coated film and paper manufacturer. Following this acquisition, the group becomes the European leader in the synthetic paper manufacturing market, generating more than US$72 million in sales.


Founded in 1968, Arjobex Group specializes in the production of synthetic paper used for tags and labels for food, industrial and security applications, sold under the well-known Polyart registered trademark.

This operation embodies the philosophy of our fund: enable French SMEs to take a step forward in their development, in particular by seizing international opportunities. Our Franco-German approach favors the emergence of future leaders in Europe. The Oaklins team was essential for the negotiations and the financial step of this acquisition. Their strong reactivity and speed of execution were decisive in securing it on a tight schedule and in a particularly difficult market environment. DOMINIK ZWERGER, FOUNDING PARTNER, PRUDENTIA CAPITAL, FRANCE

Oaklins assisted in finding the right financial partner

Oaklins’ team in France supported the shareholders of Arjobex Group in the financing of the acquisition of MDV Group. In a highly competitive process the team was able to pool all its expertise and identify the best financial partner in less than four months. Thanks to the contribution of Prudentia and Indigo, this new European leader in the synthetic paper market is now positioned to expand its international footprint.

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