Oaklins HFG China awarded "Best Financial Advisor for Investment and M&A"

On the 8th Global Investment and M&A Summit concluded today, Oaklins HFG China was awarded the "Best Financial Advisor for Investment and M&A in China" for its outstanding cross-border transaction advisory services in 2020. 

Oaklins HFG China is a global investment bank with over 20 years' experience in China. Through domestic and cross-border M&As, corporate finance services, ECM, debt advisory and corporate business consulting, we are committed to promoting the upgrade and integration of various industries.

About Oaklins

Oaklins is the world’s most experienced mid-market M&A advisor, with over 850 professionals globally and dedicated industry teams in more than 45 countries. We have closed 1,700 transactions in the past five years.

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