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The shareholders of Paaschburg & Wunderlich GmbH (P&W), a German developer and distributor of motorcycle spare parts and accessories, have sold 100% of their shares to Bihr N.V., a leading European distributor of motorcycle spare parts and rider gear.


P&W offers a broad product portfolio with over 100 brands and owns six house brands, including renowned labels such as Highsider, LSL and Shinyo. The company sells its products to a highly diversified customer portfolio of over 4,000 national and international B2B clients, ranging from specialized retailers and independent stores to online shops.

It is a real pleasure to welcome P&W and its management team to the Bihr Group. The expertise of the Glinde-based company will be a very valuable addition for Bihr and for its customers. Moreover, our distribution networks are highly complementary, and P&W’s strong presence in Germany will not only allow us to expand Bihr’s range of parts and accessories, but will also accelerate the introduction of our rider gear brands into the country. CHRISTOPHE PIRON, CEO, BIHR N.V., BELGIUM

Oaklins assists in finding the right strategic partner

Oaklins’ team in Germany supported the shareholders of Paaschburg & Wunderlich GmbH throughout the sale process as exclusive M&A advisor. In an internationally structured and competitive sale process tailored to the wishes of the sellers, Bihr prevailed as the optimal strategic partner. Oaklins’ team in Belgium facilitated communication with the buyer.

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