Talking clearly: private equity and debt in the flat glass industry

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While the flat glass sector has faced its share of challenges arising from the COVID-19 pandemic, it looks set to benefit from the bounce back being seen in M&A since the end of 2020 that is being largely powered by private equity (PE) and private debt. 


In our latest Spot On exploring the flat glass industry, Valērija Liege, Oaklins’ glass processing & finishing specialist, provides an overview of market trends, looking in particular at the key role played by PE in recent transactions in the sector.

We have witnessed strong private equity interest in both buy and build strategies as well as financing management buy-outs and buy-ins, such as with Euroview Architectural Glass, Thermoglas Niederrhein and Glas Trienes, and Klaasimeister. VALĒRIJA LIEĢE, GLASS PROCESSING & FINISHING SPECIALIST, OAKLINS

A survey with key players in the industry

In our survey with private equity buyers and debt providers you can hear what they have to say about recent investments in the glass industry, as well as their views about what the future could bring to the industry.


In addition, we feature details about recent private M&A transactions in the flat glass sector, a selection of listed flat and specialty glass industry players, and data about valuation trends.

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Valerija liege
Valērija Lieģe Riga, Latvia
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