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Abrasive Technology, a world leader in superabrasive tooling and bonding technologies, has been acquired by Blue Sea Capital.

Abrasive Technology is a global supplier of high-precision products for the world’s top aircraft engine manufacturers and a leading supplier of land-based turbines and dentistry equipment.

The Oaklins team guided us through this unknown and difficult process to a successful sale. They prepared the compelling story of our accomplishments and growth, engaged with strategics and private equity to ensure what, I believe, is a great outcome for Blue Sea and Abrasive Technology’s future together. BUTCH PETERMAN, FOUNDER AND PRESIDENT, ABRASIVE TECHNOLOGY, USA

Oaklins assists in finding the right financing partner

Oaklins’ team in Cleveland, which has extensive experience with tooling companies, served as the exclusive financial advisor to Abrasive Technology in this transaction. Our client instructed us to focus on a small group of targeted buyers; therefore, we approached only 17 buyers. In addition, we worked with the Oaklins teams in France and Sweden.

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