Pet food sector enjoys expansion 

The market is thriving thanks to various drivers including a rise in the number of households with pets, increased spending on high-quality products, and growth in the e-commerce segment


In recent times, the global and European pet food markets have benefitted from certain significant trends including humanization, premiumization and personalization, resulting in the growth of top-quality, specialized products and the use of healthier ingredients. What’s more, as a sector, pet food is not affected by economic cycles and has seen a strong move towards e-commerce, both of which have also supported buoyancy in the industry.

In our latest report on the pet food market, we look at these and other key drivers for growth as well as different challenges that have to be met. In addition, we provide an overview of both the major international players and various smaller and emerging businesses within niche markets.


We also look at M&A and private equity activity and strategies, valuation trends, and two transaction case studies in which Oaklins acted as advisor.

For more expert commentary in this sector, download the report below

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