Reshaping the cheese sector to everyone’s taste

Cheese Spot On

How will snackification revitalize the cheese sector? And what action can brands take to avoid becoming just another commodity? Oaklins’ specialist Davide Milano explains how macro trends fueled by the demands of modern life and the younger generation are reshaping this mature market, providing it with a second life and a positive outlook for 2019.

Dairy groups are fighting a daily battle to avoid their products being classified and perceived as mere commodities by end consumers. Brand is the most obvious driver, but nowadays in developed countries, key words to attract consumers are “functional,” “healthy,” “organic” and “snackification.” Players in the cheese industry are investing to offer easy-to-grab and easy-to-consume products with specific packaging and sizes, mostly via M&A, but also by their own R&D. DAVIDE MILANO OAKLINS CHEESE SPECIALIST

Case study

This edition’s case study focuses on the acquisition by Sabelli, a family-owned leading producer of mozzarella in Italy, of Caseificio Val d’Aveto, a niche producer of melted yogurt and traditional matured cheeses. This is Sabelli’s second acquisition advised by Oaklins that has enabled it to increase the high value-added niche products in its portfolio.

Oaklins Cheese Specialist

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