Plant-based proteins, a key element of vegan lifestyles, are becoming increasingly popular

Around the world, the plant-based food market is enjoying dynamic growth and rising demand.

Growing dietary and health awareness, accompanied by the trend towards vegan, vegetarian and flexitarian lifestyles, is boosting demand for products made from plant rather than animal proteins. As a result, valuable plant-based sources of protein, such as soy products and certain grains and legumes, are increasingly finding their way onto shop shelves. Within a very short time, plant-based food items have evolved from a niche product to an indispensable part of the product range of leading companies, and continue to demonstrate enormous potential for the future.  

This report looks in detail at the global plant-based protein market, its key drivers and challenges, and provides an overview of M&A activity and valuation trends. We also feature two transaction case studies where Oaklins played a role, and highlight a range of startups and listed companies operating in this sector.


For more expert commentary in this sector, download the report below

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