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While the advance of digital technologies in recent years has meant that e-commerce was already a key economic force at the start of 2020, the global pandemic has sent it hurtling upwards to new levels of success and significance. Our latest report into this major sector explores the factors that have seen companies thrive in this unique landscape, while also considering the challenges and opportunities it could bring.


We look at a range of themes including the impact of different consumer types, the ongoing effects of COVID-19 and how the large retail players in the US are facing this situation.

From in-store retailers to online and even viral TikTok must-haves, Black Friday sales show that independent businesses are having a massive impact on global commerce. Consumer support of independent brands is at an all-time high. HARLEY FINKELSTEIN, CEO, SHOPIFY

When it comes to M&A, we cover trends in direct-to-consumer and e-commerce deals and investment activity, recent relevant transactions, and data about valuation drivers and public market indicators. Advertising is clearly fundamental in all commerce, and we offer our thoughts on the future of this market, along with our view regarding the role that B2B/direct-to-pro could play in e-commerce going forward. Finally, we feature a selection of testimonials from clients who we have worked with on a range of deals related to online retail. 

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