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Food purchasing patterns shifted drastically in early 2020 during the COVID-19 quarantine, resulting in a huge increase in organic foods as people stayed home and focused on their health, while food consumed at restaurants understandably plummeted. With clean food being perceived as a “safe haven’, supply chains endeavored to work together to ensure the delivery of healthy foods. Doug Kravet, Oaklins’ organic & sustainable agriculture specialist gives us his expert opinion on where the sector will go and the likely outcome once the pandemic subsides.

Organic and sustainably-grown food has proven to be a safe haven, providing comfort for consumers in this turbulent economy. In the short-term, M&A activity has slowed considerably as firms responded to COVID-19. Once markets normalize, we expect firms to make major investments to address weaknesses and deficiencies that were exposed in the past several months. DOUG KRAVET, ORGANIC & SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE SPECIALIST, OAKLINS

Our case study features the sale of Stadtmühle Schenk, one of the three largest mills in Switzerland providing high-quality flours to companies in the baking and gastronomy industries, to Kowema, a group of companies owned by Swiss pension funds.

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